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Tipi Reflections amid Perseid Showers

Perseid Meteor over TeepeeThe Perseid meteor shower is tonight, as the sun dropped
so did the temperature and at 7,000 ft. elevation in Wyoming it is now cold.
My down sweater and knit hat are not keeping the chill off my body.
It also makes these long exposures seem even longer.
In order to capture the tipi the exposures are too long to decipher regular
star streaks or actual meteoroids. I only witness a few.
One is bright yellow and drops down in a few seconds.
Later I see 3 drop, boom, boom, boom, one after the other and quick.

If I could stay up longer than the midnight hour surely I’d witness more,
But I can no longer keep my eyes from wanting to rest for the night.
I enjoyed the beauty there was.

Pieces of comet dropping through my earthly night sky window.


Oh Milky way, what secrets of our galaxy do you hold in
your spiraling Orion’s arm of comets and planets,
and celestial beingsā€¦